Ian (61) Female
My name is Ian I'm interested in them history of WW2

My Dad was a Japanese Prisoner Of War (JPOW)

I'm interested to talk with anyone who can give me their views on the treatment of JPOW

I believe that the Japanese people have always been a friendly beautiful loving people

What do we think went wrong during those years the 30s and 40s and why have we not learned ANYTHING from them

I would really like to talk with anyone especially any WW2 soldiers who served on the island of Borneo My Dads last camp there was Kutching

God Bless us all
Sofia Manuel (37) Female
My name is Sofia Manuel,I work as an Senior Audit / banker in (Madrid) Spain, Contact me with my mail: (sofiamanuel1980@gmail.com)
oxala52hotmailcom (68) Male
I loved to find a sweet open minded woman that love try new things and that is not afraid future...
injapanforyou (52) Male
injapanforyou (52) Male
Claude (52) Male
I love all thing French and just love the language. I will a bit more about myself has we start to correspond
Floriane (25) Female
I am currently learning Japanese, I came to japan in August 2019 and would love to go back to Japan in February 2021.
I loved exchanging with the locals, I love Japanese culture and I love sharing mine.
I study sociology and user experience, so learning everyday is really a passion

Hope to hear from you
Kalin (0) Male
Hello! :)

Im name is Kalin and Im from Bulgaria. looking for a pen friend from Japan. Curious about Japanese culture and language. Hope to find interesting people.
Chanuk Kim (26) Male
こんにちは。私は韓国に住んでいるChanukです。 幼い時から日本が本当に好きでした。 私は日本の食べ物と文化を愛しています。 2016年に映画"君の名前は"を見て日本に旅行を行きました。 東京、大阪、京都を旅行しながら日本をもっと好きになりました。

私は14歳の時、米国に留学に行って英語を大変上手です。 最近まではベトナムにある旅行会社で働いてから韓国に帰ってきました。 Corona Virusが静かになったら日本へ遊びに行くつもりです。 ここで会った友達と直接会って遊びたいです。
nb (34) Female
I work at a animal shelter and with a boy scout group and do odd jobs when the weather is warmer. I'm a single parent and home school my son. I would like to make friends and talk about hobbies and interests.
jyoshida (25) Male
Hi! I'm Jumpei Yoshida and 25 years old man, living Tokyo.

I often play some boardgames e.g. Go, Shogi(Japanese chess) and Chess. I'd like to improve my chess skill(for now I'm just begginer) and
make friend who likes
playing chess. (Regardless if you're good chess player or not.)

I also like reading, watching anime and wood carving.
And I've studied ethics in

If you're interested in
me, please feel free to send messages.

Best regards.
erenag65 (65) Female
i am erenag i am erenagi am erenagi am erenagi am erenagi am erenagi am erenagi am erenagi am erenag
SweetGreg (55) Male
I am simple and energetic man, always being positive in achieving my set goal
Irch (45) Male
Im Irch.. 45yrs olg guy.. Im searching for friendship or more eventually... I love hairy women.. natural.. unshaven...
JohnFriendly (64) Male
I'm interested in meeting a beautiful young woman to love and love me.
Adams (51) Male
Please I'm new here as a very busy hard working man of faith. Simple, humble and cool to meet a matured person for us to make our big dreams come true together as the best partner. Thanks and feel free to drop me a mail on: adams.smith122@gmail.com, only if you don't mind for us to know each other better.
J MAMEMO (42) Male
marybaby (25) Female
My name is Mary Faye. I'm a woman, I was impressed when I saw you
and would like to build a long-term relationship with you.
In addition, I want you to answer me via my private e-mail box
this is because I don't know the possibilities
stay on the forum for a long time.
Thank you for hearing from you as soon as possible. Maria
GG (21) Male
yes (0) Male
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