Shunta (23) Male
Haru19 (19) Male
Hello ladies and gentleman. I'm Haru from Japan and here to make friends. I speak Japanese and English and I'd love to talk and communicate with you. Any type of person is welcome if you're okay with 19 year old boy:3

Mel (22) Female
Hi there. I'm Mel and 22 years old Japanese.
I love playing games(almost switch), hanging out with my friends, and learning foreign languages.
I have 2 cats and I love them sooo much.
I'm not good at English but looking for friends from around the world.
I don't mind your country, age and gender.
Thank you for reading!
ben (39) Male
Hi, all.

I’m Tsutomu. I’m 39 years old male.
I am interested in other country. I want to find friend all over the world.

I am learning English. I will be good English speaker.
I want to talk about a lot of thing.

Please contact me.

Polina (21) Female
Hi!! My name is Polina, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Russia:)
I'm a university student studying medicine:) Right now I have summer vacation so I decided to start learning Japanese! I'm very interested in Japanese culture. I absolutely love Japanese music ( radwimps,backnumber are my favourite).
I want to find real friends, not for 2-3 messages. I want to share my life,I think it is so ineteresting! I'd be happy to tell you about my beautiful country! If we become good friends I want to try snail mail:)
I am very funny and friendly ^_^
I'm looiking for:
-Japanese girls and boys who are 20-25 years old
-Funny,friendly and kind
-who wants to be my long term friend( not just for 2-3 messages and then start ignoring me)
my email:
hope to hear from you soon!!!\^__^/
Keyana (20) Female
Hello, my name is Maya. I am a communication science student at a public university in Indonesia. I'm currently interested in environmental issues. It's nice if friends want to discuss about environmental issues in their respective countries. Or talk about culture in your country. Thank you,

if you are interested, contact me at email or dm on instagram mydsr_24
kyouko senapi (16) Female
Hi I am kyouko, I was born I Vietnam but is Korean. I am a six teen year old looking for some one to do a free pen pal. I love Yuri on ice Black Butler angel of death Ouran High School Host Club Tokyo ghoul The ancient magus bride Sailor moon My hero academia (mostly my hero academia,Tokyo ghoul and Black Butler. I also love Kpop, my favorite groups right now is bts blackpink exo and more. Text me on Instagram if oh what to do a pen pal. My Instagram is kyouko.kawaii.senpai.
viclints (41) Female
Hi Dear,
i am Victoria Clinton A medical Doctor A citizen of United State of American.
Compliments to you and i hope you are doing great.

Can we be friends? I intend to visit your Country later in the year
I will tell you more about me when i get a reply from you OK.

if your interested pls contact me through my private email

i wait for your reply before i we send my pic to you OK .

Best Regards
Lina (23) Female
I'm Lina from Japan.
I'm working as a caregiver in a nursing home. I like traveling, music, writing letters, eating, shopping, makeup. I love rap, pop songs. I don't know anime much sorry if you nerd.
I'm looking for snail mail friends. I would like to talk with people throuh letters. prefebraly female and age around 17-30.
SuzAnna (22) Female
Hi guys..Am a black girl seeking for friends. Like friends that will be good to me. If you want to communicate with me to help your English language am a good choice.. Love you all xoxoxo
A.K (28) Female
I’m japanese 28years old.
Have a child.
When I was university students, I’ve studied English in Scotland, Edinburgh.
Though after came back to japan, I have no opportunities to use English and now it turn to be difficult to understand.
That’s why I wanna practice English.

Also want my child to learn English in near the future ( many 2years after?) if it’s available, using Skype or something.
I like embroidery, watching movies, cooking, gardening.
Also like Outlander and Sherlock series.
I want to talk with British people or American people, especially women.
Exchange letters, e-mails is also good.
Also have Twitter account.
If you help me to improve my ( and my child’s, maybe) English, please make contact with me.

Search me on Skype: live:ashmauve
Davetz (42) Male
I'm here to make new friends from Japan both male and female.I'm from Tanzania let us be friends
Eric (40) Male
Hello every one.I'm here to look for friends and also exchange language too.I live in Tokyo Japan. Everyone is welcome.
Jully (29) Female
Hi I’m July from Japan . I’m living in Melbourne now.
I m studying English now.I would like to make friends here .I am really easy going person . Feel free and contact me :) i have lime and whatapp !
Hal55 (25) Male
Hi, first let me introduce myself a little bit.. a little bit.

my favorites;
Especially, I like Persona5, Final Fantasy7, League of Legends, Dead by Daylight... and so on. Okay I admit I cannot conut them all.

This IS what I can't count!!
Fullmetal Alchemist... Darker than Black... Black Lagoon... Attack on Titan... Fruits Basket...
Too many many comics/animes there are to write here.

Hmm... my favorite is, uh, Shawshank Redemption? Is the spell right? or the title?
I watched Scream recently. So scared.

I love Friends. Is it a little bit old? Or not? Anyway, I've watched the series for hundred times.

Whoever feel we can make friends after reading this introduction, let's be. I'm glad to receive your mail.
But I'm sorry to say I'm not so as good at english as I want to be.

1. I'm a poor correspondent. Please be patient if my reply is late.
2. I'm a bit shy and can't speak fluently. So, let's start from texting chat(via Email, wechat, discord, etc.). When we've made good friends and I've got guts to talk directly, let's voice chat.
BADR E MUNIR (37) Male
Hi friends
I am student of Ph.D and looking for friends and penpal from all over the world, specially Germany and Austria.
Waiting for your kind reply
whatsus 0092-345-2456488
Marie (29) Female
Hi! There! i’m Marie. living in japan and woking in tokyo disney sea.

i’m looking for Taiwanese people because i wanna study taiwanese language and culture

could you be my friend?
Skyblue4ever (17) Male
Hello world! My name is Satoshi and I am 17 years old. I live in Hollywood Hills, California. Up until I was 5, I lived in Tokyo, Japan. I can speak both English and Japanese and Korean but recently I am forgetting my Japanese because I don’t have the opportunity to use it here in the U.S. I would like to maintain/impr ove my Japanese skills, so I am looking for a friend who I can speak in Japanese.
My hobby is listening to Music(especia lly K-pop and Rap,EDM)、Danc e(especially Hip Hop)、Playing Video Games、Travel
i have Line and Instagram and E-mail,

I' m a gold member.

宜し く!
Ryu (22) Male
Hi! I’m 22,univercity stydent:) i really want to talk real French people because French language is the best of the world. I’ve studying 4 years and from now i want improve it more ! So please teach me anyone ^ ^

Bonjour! Je suis ryu,j’ai 22. Je suis étudiante ^ ^

This is my mail :
SnowManDan (23) Male
Hello Everyone,
What is good and how are you doing?

My name is Daniel and I'm Australian-Vietnamese and aged 23. I live in Sydney, Australia and currently studying at University. I would like to make friends on here, learn your language and tell me what your city is like? But most importantly, tell me about yourself :)

I have been to Japan for a month to stay and travel abroad alone for the first time. And it was amazing, would love to go again. Yet at the same time, I had to work on my Japanese. I have studied it before for about a year, a long time ago. I do know some basic Japanese to hold some conversation, but I still want to learn more, let's practice together :)

Feel free to contact me on LINE: snowmandan

Hope to hear from you soon!
Kind regards,
Marina.I (22) Female
Hi there.
I post again becouse I lost some messages.

My name is Marina Inoue.
I'm a senior University student, living in Tokyo.

I'd want to work with Website, so now I'm working in a part-time job that Internet media editor, and Web design. I'd like to use English for my job in the future.

In order to do that, I'm going to the Phillippines to study English for nect year.


I'm planning to go to Australia (Cairs) in October.
So I want to make friends in there!

I'm searching the penpal friend who can speak English, please feel free to talk me :) Bye

Marina.I (22) Female
Hi there.
My name is Marina Inoue.
I'm a senior University student, living in Tokyo.

I'd want to work with Website, so now I'm working in a part-time job that Internet media editor, and Web design. I'd like to use English for my job in the future.

In order to do that, I'm going to the Phillippines to study English for nect year.


I'm planning to go to Australia (Cairs) in October.
So I want to make friends in there!

I'm searching the penpal friend who can speak English, please feel free to talk me :) Bye
kocino (24) Male
i'm koki from japan
i like walking nature spicy foods beer karaoke horror
i would like to talk to many people and get know each other
i have been to europe some country but i still want visit many
country there and would like to visit america canada australia too
let's have conversation
i have kakao line skype what's app
you can ask me if you want
NeKa (42) Female

I was browsing through the posts and realised I’ll be here all day if I try to pick and choose the contacts who would be willing to exchange language and cultural experiences.

So here I am...with this post...for anyone, who wants to brush up on their English ... in exchange of teaching me Japanese... besides, it’s always fun to talk up with our bunch...lot’s to share, not many to share it with !
Ivan25 (25) Male
Oh no! I'm not sure how this site works. But I see that posts stay permanent.
Again, my name is Ivan.
I'm interested in having Japanese friends!!
I can share my own culture and language.
I'd like to actually date a japanese girl, but guys close to my age are welcome to talk to me as friends!
I have Skype: Edgar223
WeChat: wxid_eu7dizq4bt4q12
Ivan25 (25) Male
Hello everyone! My name is Ivan.
I'm a young man in Los Angeles looking for some Japanese friends.
I wish to understand the culture and perhaps learn some Japanese language in the process. I'd like to date in Japan.
One note, I love ramen as much as I love as to make Mexican food!
I'm sincerely looking for friendships.
This is not a dating site but who knows what could happen.
Best of luck to everyone here!!
Eri (29) Female
hi, im looking for would be great if you teach me your contry's traditional food recipe because l love cooking!
i had been in NZ for a year when i was 17. my English skil is getting bad and i forgot to how to speak though.
i have a son, he's 5 month yrd now. my birthday and his half birthday is same date so we are planning to go to disneyland next month! im looking forward to it.
i love movie: starwars, gang of newyork, ps love you,knigt and day
and music especially UK rocks.
thank you so much for reading :)
kazu (24) Male
edyy24 (54) Male
Hello.Am Edmund,I want to make friends and learn about other cultures,languages.My hobbies are reading,exchange books and magazines and sports.If you're interesting I will tell more.
mariama (28) Female
am here looking for a serious and honest man for a serious relationship
Masahiro (30) Male
Hi,I’m Masahiro.
My hobbies are anime and art.
I want to be friends with many people.
I can teach you Japanese.
Please tell me the language of your country instead.
Please feel free to contact.
masahiro (30) Male
Hi,I’m Masahiro.
My hobbies are anime and art.
I want to be friends with many people.
I can teach you Japanese.
Please tell me the language of your country instead.
Please feel free to contact.
masahiro (30) Male
Hi,I’m Masahiro.
My hobbies are anime and art.
I want to be friends with many people.
I can teach you Japanese.
Please tell me the language of your country instead.
Please feel free to contact.
Abdullah Hafid (46) Male
I am a Japanese Teacher live in Sulawesi island in Indonesia, looking for Japanese penpals. I like traveling,Nature and gardening.
arttu (42) Male
A man who walks on his own paths does not mean that he cannot take notice or love. Selling yourself at write here is almost impossible. My sense of self is right, and I don't need the approval of others. I believe things have purpose. I rejoice in the joy of life. Every season has its side. In the summer cottage, summer sauna watching the colors of the skyline, playing guitar on the notch, hiking, cycling. Autumn colors, a rain that makes people natural. In the storm, even the finest makeup disappears and the real nature is revealed below. I don't want to stress things.

Winter, Christmas waiting, children's Christmas, hopefully you will have a small child who can enjoy the atmosphere. Perhaps you like the big city of Christmas shopping ... Stockholm, London, Paris, Praha...

The power outage, when warming the fireplace and being close to playing a board game in the light of a candle. Snowshoe when getting snow. At some point, cold is nice to travel abroad. Spring arrival means a new beginning. Nature wakes up. At the same time, outside work, if you build something new.

It's sometimes nice to do things with a whim.
arttu (42) Male
A man who walks on his own paths does not mean that he cannot take notice or love. Selling yourself at write here is almost impossible. My sense of self is right, and I don't need the approval of others. I believe things have purpose. I rejoice in the joy of life. Every season has its side. In the summer cottage, summer sauna watching the colors of the skyline, playing guitar on the notch, hiking, cycling. Autumn colors, a rain that makes people natural. In the storm, even the finest makeup disappears and the real nature is revealed below. I don't want to stress things.

Winter, Christmas waiting, children's Christmas, hopefully you will have a small child who can enjoy the atmosphere. Perhaps you like the big city of Christmas shopping ... Stockholm, London, Paris, Praha...

The power outage, when warming the fireplace and being close to playing a board game in the light of a candle. Snowshoe when getting snow. At some point, cold is nice to travel abroad. Spring arrival means a new beginning. Nature wakes up. At the same time, outside work, if you build something new.

It's sometimes nice to do things with a whim.
ayumi (26) Female
Hi,I’m Ayumi and I’m live in Sapporo.
I want to improve my English and know foreign cultures !
So I'm looking for foreign friends.
Thank you for reading ^^
Talk to you later !
ayumi (26) Female
Hi,I’m Ayumi and I’m live in Sapporo.
I want to improve my English and know foreign cultures !
So I'm looking for foreign friends.
Thank you for reading ^^
Talk to you later !
Hiro (28) Male
Hi there. My name is Hiro and I’m Japanese in Tokyo.
I want to brush up my English language, so I hope to have friends who speak English.
If you are studying English or interested in something of Japanese, I may be able to support you.
Please feel free to e-mail.
I wish we could have good relationships.
momoka (20) Female
Hi, I’m Momoka, a jstudent in university from Japan. I’m majoring in french now and interested in it and also korean.
But anybody from other countries cau contact me easily.
I can teach you Japanese and its culture because I live in Kyoto and know well about it. Also I could be good friend with you.
Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.
Line: pppp1149
WeChat: pppp19990409
moran (31) Female
hello am new here please i would like to meet a serious minded man that is sincere and honest for a serious relationship that can last in the future
VaniTheresia (33) Female
I have two purpose, first I like japan because of manga and anime that's why I want to have friends who also like manga etc, second I need tourist for rent me as guide because I also work as freelancer tour guide, I hope can have a good relationship with everyone and everybody
contact me: (hangout) or my whatsup in 085255391721
thank you arrigatto terima kasih
Abba YHWHYashua memberkati
VaniTheresia (33) Female
I like anime and manga also I want to have tourist because I also work as freelancer tour guide, I hope can have a good relationship with everyone, thank you Abba YHWHYashua memberkati
Patrick (36) Male
Hi there! I'm an American-born Japanese guy, and I work as a translator in Osaka. I'm looking for new friends, as I moved to Osaka from Fukuoka last year.

It would be great to grab a coffee/beer sometime, or play badminton you are interested in that. I speak both English and Japanese. よろしく!
Shun (24) Male
Hello and nice to meet you :)
I am Shun. I am searching for a PenPal,because I want to practice English.
If you like Japan, let's talk with me.
I also want to know about your country and culture.
calaba226 (24) Female
Hello Dear, I am Ms Kundi, i have something to tell you. Write direct to this email address at/
Patrick (36) Male
Hi there! I'm an American-born Japanese guy, and I work as a translator in Osaka. I'm looking for new friends, as I moved to Osaka from Fukuoka last year.

It would be great to grab a coffee/beer sometime, or play badminton you are interested in that. I speak both English and Japanese. よろしく!
Mariko (41) Female
Hi I’m a Japanese girl who is looking for friends from world.
Skiasmeni (17) Male
I'm a westerner who's become interested in the culture of Japan.

Since I both enjoy making new friends and have an interest in the country, I decided that it would be appropriate to make a post on this site.

I'm a Highschooler - a Junior (though I will soon be graduating and becoming a Senior).

I apologize if I am slightly awkward at times - I'm not the best at communication. I do my best to at least be friendly, though.

I enjoy both anime and videogames, and am active online.

Feel free to message me, as long as you seem friendly, I'll be glad to hear from you ^~^.
ネート Nate (30) Male
Sorry >_<,

I though the website would add my email automatcially. for the post below.
ネート Nate (30) Male

My name is Nate and I am living in Tachikawa. I have been studying Japanese for one year and it is very difficult. I am looking for someone who would like to help me in casual Japanese conversation. The only Japanese I know is polite form (です、ます) and it is difficult to make friends with that style. I would like to help you with your English as well. I enjoy anime, video games, automechanics, sports, hiking, drinking, traveling, and of course learning Japanese.
Natasha (27) Female
Hello and nice to meet you :)
I am a foreigner currently living in Japan. I can speak both English and Japanese. I am searching for a PenPal who are interested to practice their English or foreigner who wants to practice their Japanese. I want to polish up my Japanese language through writing too. We can speak about any topics!


Natasha (27) Female
Hello and nice to meet you :)
I am a foreigner currently living in Japan. I can speak both English and Japanese. I am searching for a PenPal who are interested to practice their English or foreigner who wants to practice their Japanese. I want to polish up my Japanese language through writing too. We can speak about any topics!

Oru (25) Male
Hi, I'm Oru! I'm Japanese, 25 years old, male.
My hobbies are traveling in Japan, climbing mountain, collecting folk tale...

I bet, this world is full of funny things of I've never seen!
I'm lonely less to time of hang out with my friends after start working in society. In addition I don't have enough time. So I'm looking for friends who can exchange e-mail or mail in English. I would be happier if we could speak about daily event, interesting topic.

I like Russia, Poland, Finland. Especially, I like Russia! unique culture, rich history, beautiful lungage. However, I can't speak Russian... but I don't have enough opportunity to know Russia. So I wanna know more.
However, I wanna more about many country. So I welcome you anytime~.
In return, I can help learning-improving Japanese or Japanese cultures.
Gender and age doesn't matter.

Thank you for reading!
SylvaNau (50) Male
Hi there, Magajin vol #50 does not download correctly:
Do you have it in a proper readable PDF please? Bunch of thanks in advance! シルバン
haruki (15) Male
haruki (15) Male
hikarisubarashiiii (27) Female
Hey there! I came from China and currently live in Hong Kong. I am easygoing and like connecting with people (fun fact: basically I had a conversation with anyone I met in travelling :p)
I travel a lot, like movies and photographing. Learning Japanese right now! 日本語が大好きだよ❤️えっと、優しく面白いね /.v .\

hikarisubarashiiii (27) Female
Hey there! I came from China and currently live in Hong Kong. I am easygoing and like connecting with people (fun fact: basically I had a conversation with anyone I met in travelling :p)
I travel a lot, like movies and photographing. Learning Japanese right now! 日本語が大好きだよ❤️えっと、優しく面白いね /.v .\
Killian (17) Male
今日は皆さん。私はキリヤンで、十七歳です。フランス人です。六年前から日本語を学びます。ニ千十五年に東京と京都と箱根と奈良を観光しました。数ヶ月に ワーキング・ホリデーのお陰で日本へ行く積もりです。でも、それをする前に、私の日本語を改善したいです。フランス五を教えられます。
Line: killian_hikari
Killian (17) Male
今日は皆さん。私はキリヤンで、十七歳です。フランス人です。六年前から日本語を学びます。ニ千十五年に東京と京都と箱根と奈良を観光しました。数ヶ月に ワーキング・ホリデーのお陰で日本へ行く積もりです。でも、それをする前に、私の日本語を改善したいです。フランス五を教えられます。
Killian (17) Male
kourai (19) Male


Jonas (20) Male
Hello there!

I am Jonas, 20 years old and from Germany. Currently I am attending university to study Automotive Engineering.
My hobbies are gaming, writing and drawing. But I also enjoy to just read up about anything interesting. And I like to talk about it :D

I'm looking for an email and potentially snail mail penpal from Japan. Someone around my age with similar interests would be great! But I enjoy talking to new people anyday, regarless from where!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
Ilovepeople (21) Male
Hello, I am Loïc, I love life.
I am not very good with words but my heart is open.

My whatsapp: +261 34 01 446 38
Line: Loïc
Ilovepeople (21) Male
Hello, I am Loïc, I love life.
I am not very good with words but my heart is open.
AZU (18) Female
Ryu (21) Male
Hi :) Thabk you for reading my message. I’m third college students. I am studying French at there. I want to talk to french people. Also i like watching anime and reading mangas .Please cone here and let’s talk with me :) of course,anyone i will welcome:) Thank you !

Ju suis étudiant ! Enchanté ^ ^
Fatma (29) Female
hi guys^^ i'm Fatma, 29years old.
i'm a math teacher, i love maths^^

I'm looking for friends from all over the world to enjoy talking together.
I'm studying English and Japanese by my self :D
so my english and japanese aren't enough, sorry about this, but i am realy good student if you will teach me^^

I'm interested in foreign culture and I want friends from foreign countries.
My hobies/interests are watching films dramas about mistery/detective/
criminal movies, and cooking culturel meals, watching stars, camping etc.

Contact Me:
Twitter: paraboliik
Instagram: paraboliik
whatsapp : +90 544 537 6113
k (19) Female
Hello !
My name is maari

I'm looking for friends from all over the world to enjoy talking together.
I'm studying English and Korea by my self
My English is not please teach me
I like music and traveling

I have line Kakao Facebook:))
please feel free to send me a message !
k (19) Female
Hello !
My name is maari

I'm looking for friends from all over the world to enjoy talking together.
I'm studying English and Korea by my self
My English is not please teach me
I like music and traveling

I have line Kakao Facebook:))
please feel free to send me a message !
Moeko (23) Female
::::::::::::Please feel free to send me messages::::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::: I want friends all over the world!!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

・Age :23
・Occupation : University student(Department of English Literature)
・I am learning Japanese traditional arts
・Like: Beer, Skiing , traveling, photo...

Germany / France / America / England / Spain / Switzerland / Liechtenstein / Cambodia/Hong Kong

Austria /Russia / Sweden / Mexico / Canada / Greece/ Italy / China etc...
( If you have recommendations in your country, tell me! I want to know more about other countries! )
・People who will be my friends
・I would like to share the culture, tradition and pop culture of each other country
・I love Broadway so I can talk about plays!
・I want to know new languages! (Of course, I will also tell you about Japanese)

******Thank you for reading!! I'm waiting for your message!********
Karebu (35) Male
I am looking for any pen pal that could help me learn Japanese
Karebu (35) Male
mio (22) Female

I’m interested in cultures,languages and otherwise of foreign countries!
I’d like to talk a lot in English.And someday I hope travel around the world..

Please feel free to send me messages ☺️
gerald (22) Male
acity boy with acountry heart
gerald (22) Male
Acity boy with acountry heart
foxbell (22) Female
Just looking for others to talk with!
I have a line upon request. ☆
Let's be friends!
Jay Miller (18) Male
Hello! I am looking for a pen-pal who will turn into a long term friend! I live near the West Coast of U.S. I would really like to have a Japanese friend to practice Japanese with, and to exchange culture with, since I can't learn everything from text books. I will treat you nicely and would only like to talk to friendly people. No mean people! I have Kakao. My ID is jaymiller

Maciej (29) Male


aisya billa (21) Female
Im exchange student in kumamoto, and would love to make as many friends to improve my japanese:D
Oh and im really into korean stuff these day, but i listening to both korean and japanese songs!

Reach me!!
aisya billa (21) Female
Im exchange student in kumamoto, and would love to make as many friends to improve my japanese:D

Reach me!!
Lisa (21) Female
Hello!I’m Lisa!

I’d like to talk about Movies,cooking and fashion!
I especially love fashion of Korea and Rock styles.I really love Jason, Dr.Martin.
Bobku (33) Male
Hello, my name is Jonathan.

I am a person that has always loved to learn new things. I especially love to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. I also love to exchange stories about anything and everything.

Please feel free to message me at
Loveth konnia (0) Male
mariassi (35) Female

I am living in Budapest, Hungary. I am looking for Japanese and/or Korean penpals/friends. I am interested in Asian culture. Started to learn Korean on my own.
I have lived in Iceland, England, Scotland, Finland for some years. I am interested in polar indigenous cultures, I am running a nonprofit association related to the polar area. I work as a shop assistant and webshop assistant at a map&guide %/^***%/ store. I am planning to create my own webshop next year.
I like taking photos, watching soccer matches, reading, watching k-dramas and j-dramas, movies, I like organising photo exhibitions. My dream is to hold my own photo exhibition in Korea and/or Japan one day. I like translating children's books and I also wrote my very first children's story a year ago what I would love to publish in many languages.

ken (23) Male
Hello. Im kenichi.
I attend college.
I like swimming and muscle training.
I also like animation and manga Also, I am not very good at English.
Let 's make friends with me if you can speak English.
I have a kakaotalk.
thank you for reading
parkseongwon (40) Male
Doraemon (65) Male
I love to listen to all kinds of music, especially English old popular songs. I love learning about other cultures and definitely love visiting new places. Please feel free to contact me, cause I'm an ordinary person same as you.
Doraemon (65) Male
I love to listen to all kinds of music, especially English old popular songs. I love learning about other cultures and definitely love visiting new places. Please feel free to contact me, cause I'm an ordinary person same as you.
Shiho (26) Female
Hi :)
I'm Japanese and living in Hokkaido.
I want friends all over the world.
And exchange our languages each other.

Anyway, if you’re interesting in me even for just a bit, give me a message.

Here’s my LINE ID : blan_c
Twitter ID : @haaamkon
Eaindray (25) Female

I love Japanese people.

Anyone who wanna talk with me please (
I hope we could exchange language not only English but also Japanese and also Myanmar if you wish.

Hope hi from you.

kouki (20) Male
thank you watch my profile!

i'm university student from hiroshima

i wanna make a relationship to talk about various topics

for example anime, music, fashion

please teach ur country's information anything.

if u are interested in Japan, i'll answer ur question about Japan!

i'm waiting ur message!

i'm looking for the person who can travel with me in Japan.

i'm planning trip in Japan at winter or summer vacation. (summer vacation is August and September. winter vacation is February and March)

i've been to go Japan by alone…so i wanna enjoy someone in trip.

if i and u can make relationship, i wanna trip abroad someday.

and also i'm looking the person who will visit Hiroshima.

i live in Hiroshima. so i wanna guide foreigner person coz i wanna use English in conservation.

i hope make best friend.

i'm very pleasure if i make it and talk about everything without hesitation

please send me a mail! i'm waiting for ur mail!
Peter_gh (24) Male
I'm particularly interested in learning Japanese. Actually got interested in japanese from watching naruto shippuden.But will not mind to meet people from different cultures.

Anyone can send me message.

Line ID: peter_gh

Whatsapp too
chamu (24) Male
初めまして ^ ^ロシアから来ました
私に24歳です。 成長183 。日本語を勉強いたします。 今は北海道にいます。
仲良くになりたいです。LINEとかVKとかTwitterとかFacebookとかスカイプがございます。 剣道って素晴らしいです
japanese woman (30) Female
Hi there.
I’m japanese woman.
My english sikll is not good.
I want to skill up my english.Also I interesting about all country cultures and languages.
Let’s talk!!Tanks.
Kyoko (44) Female
I live in Tokyo and love this Citylife in Tokyo.
Now I’m interested in the German language and can speak German a little.

I will search a friend/teacher to enjoy drinking wine and speaking in German..

Nao (33) Female
Hello. My name is Nao who lives in Osaka, Japan. I'm looking for friends and penpals, especially from USA and Europe. I'm studying English by myself. My interests are rock music, art, movie, hiking, traveling, politics, fashion and so on. Though I'm not an enthusiastic otaku, I like anime, cosplay, pop culture and subculture. I use LINE and WhatsApp. I'm looking for hearing from you.
xavito (27) Male
Hello my name is Xavier i am from france
i am french and spanish and i would like to have email penpals
i like asian culture in general and russian one too
waseemaf (40) Male
i did like to make good friends
chihiro (26) Female
I live in Akita Prefecture, Japan.
I'd like to improve my English through conversations :)
风 (22) Male
Jorge (24) Male
Hi, my name is Jorge and I'm from Brazil. I'm looking for people who are interested in anime, videogames and sports. Feel free to send me a message!
Asuka (28) Female
Looking for a friend that can help me learn English. And I can help you with Japanese.
min (17) Male
Malia (18) Female
こんにちは?Iはじめまして?Aわたしは Maliaさんです!
Hello! My name is Malia Miyake, and I am 18 year old girl from Hawaii. I live on the island of Kauai. I am looking for penpals and friends to talk to from Japan (: I have been studying Japanese for 5 years and I am part Japanese too. I can speak a little, and would like to improve my japanese! I can help you with english too. Also I can share about Hawaii culture and American culture. I love traveling, cooking, watching tv shows/korean dramas/anime, listening to music, makeup, and making new friends! If you come to Kauai you can homestay with me too (: I want friends between age 16-20. Message me if you want to be friends
I have Line, facebook, email, instagram. And I would like to read letters and maybe exchange gifts if you are interested!
Thanks you! ByeBye^^
David (17) Male
Hello, Hello, Hello!

Sorry about that! Anyhow, allow me to introduce myself as David!

A Student living and studying in the nation of GREAT BRITAIN (or the UK).

A good old fan of Anime, Games and Athletics!
Not dancing games though... xD
Well, maybe a little dancing...


I have, for a while, become interested in Japanese Culture, ranging from the deities down to the wonderful food!

Every last bit!

I would be more than happy to talk about your culture and to share some of my culture in return.

I only know English ( I know, I know. I am sorry :P )
but I am patient enough to try to get past any language barriers we may have!

Don't be afraid to message!

I look forward to getting along with my future pen-pals!

Praise the Sun.

KurataMizukiNoFanDesu (24) Female


Speaking of which, I like some other bands like: Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, SMAP, Sexy Zone!

This time I'd love to find someone who could share the same interest with me. Except of what I listed below, I also mentioned I like karaoke very much, so I'd be happy if we could try to record cover duet together. I also like American music, but mostly I prefer oldies. My favorites are: The Beatles, Donna Summer, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and many many other great people. I am biggest fan of John and Yoko!

I am looking for a fan girls (I am not sure if I could find a fan boys, since johnnys are mostly famous among girls, right?)
I'd love to chat someone around my age or maybe a little bit younger/older (+/- 5 years in a gap).
I have LINE and I want to make voice calls with you, not only texting each other. Even thought, I can text in japanese sometimes, I am not good at it, because I am still studying it. Use English with me, please? I hope we could get along!

Have a nice day! (^ v ^)
Emari (21) Male
Hello! My name is Emari!

I'm currently a college student planning to transfer to an Art University!

Ever since I was small I've had a huge interest in Japan, thanks to music group "Puffy Ami Yumi!" I've wanted to visit Japan for a long time so I'm currently saving up my money! But I would love to make new friends before I do!

I'm also Founder of my own Art Studio"Studio Spiral Dream" we want to create a world that helps' Artists all over!! Including Japan! We would love to talk to any Photographers, Musicians, Painters and more!

I also like anime, fashion, video games and K-Pop idols! My favorite anime is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! My favorite K-Pop Group is BESTie and Nine Muses!

I play Pokemon and lots of Nintendo Games like Splatoon and Legend of ZELDA!

Girls and Guys make talk to me! I want to learn Japanese really bad, but my Kanji is N1...But I know Hiragana and Katakana well! My speech still needs work...😭😭 But please practice with me! And I can help with your English too!!

Contact Me:
Skype: californiabeanie
LINE: kaidaman
Twitter: bitt-d
Instagram: bitt_d
Tumblr: bitt-d
WiiU: Kaidaman

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!!
キョウ (26) Male
Iliasse (21) Male
Hello Everyone !

My name is Iliasse, I'm 21 years old and I would like to have japanese friends ! :D

I live in a small village the center of France famous for its wine called Sancerre, but I study currently mathematics in the city of Tours.

I am very interested in the culture of other people and I like to talk with travelers from all around the world in order to share our customs and experiences. I especially love Japanese culture, their lifestyle and traditions.

I'm going on a trip in Osaka this summer during July and August so I would like to have friends for have fun and hang out with.

Let's talk together and let's meet ! I can teach you a lot of think like french and also we can have fun, I mean HAVE FUN ! ;)

I have Line but first at all, send me message !

Artemnihon (22) Male
?奄゚まして ^ ^�?シアから参りました
私22?ホです?B ?ャ長183 ?B日本語を勉強いたします?B 来年日本に伺いと思います?B
私の趣味/?[ツとか音楽とかド�??[とかカラオケが?Dきです 一??歌てしましょう(^_^) ???・ttp:// ?B私はランとかストリ?[ト�??[クアウトのをしております?B
日本から友達(18-30)を探しております?B長い仲良くになりたい?I?I?I)) LINEとかVKとかTwitterとかFacebook()とかスカイプがございます?B
よろしくお願いたします^_^^ ^
Hello nice to meet you my name is Artem .from in the Russia.
I'm 21, my height 183 cm.I study Japanese, I want to go to Japan
my hobby sports, music, painting.
I go running, street workout.
I'm listening to different kinds of music.
But most of all Like j-pop, j-rock, vokaloid, and sometimes I'm listening american rock and club music.
I'm looking for friends from Japan.

LINE artemnihon
フコンタクチェ URL
Carmelo (カル�??[�?) (20) Male
Nice to meet you, I'm Carmelo and I live in Sicily.
Sicily is a region of Italy.
I'm an almost 21y.o. male.
Since I like everything about japan, I want to learn Japanese language.
I'm looking for japanese friends.
I do Skype, Line and FaceBook.
Char (17) Male
Hello! It's nice to meet you. My name is Charon. I'm 17 and I live in the US. My favorite hobbies are to draw, play video games, especially Nintendo and Playstation games, like zelda/mario/monster hunter/kingdom hearts/final fantasy or watch anime/movies/tvshows,
listen to music like rock/metal/classical/disco/electronic/rap/pop(I love the Piano, drums, and guitar especially!),
and to learn new things.
And I love different cultures, especially Japanese culture. I'd love to hear about your culture. And I'll share about mine. lets get along and be friends! ^^
Age, gender, race ect doesn't matter to me.
~My Line is: sirchacha99
~My email is:
I also have kakaotalk and whatsapp, if you'd prefer any of those instead.

antoine (24) Male
feel free to send me a message if you have questions about france culture or another subject :)
strawberry (38) Female
Hello !

I'm looking for friends from all over the world to enjoy talking together.
I'm studying English so I hope we can teach and practice Japanese/English each other. I like movies and traveling. Let's talk about not only languages but our hobbies !

If you're interested, please feel free to send me a message !
RYAN (27) Male

Watashi wa Ryan desu! ^-^ Hajimemashite

I'm from Canada and I'm 27 years old.

I have traveled to Japan before and it was the most wonderful place to visit. I want to travel again soon, hopefully this year!

Looking to meet some good friends through this site. I have LOTS of interests and hobbies and I'm very open-minded and a good listener and friend.

I'm a 90's kid, so I very much enjoy games from that time such as Zelda, Sonic, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, and more! Do you like video games?

Watch movies is a hobby of mine, I'll watch genres such as horror (any era!), drama, anime, comedy, adventure, and gangster! (The Godfather, Casino, Goodfellas, etc). I also enjoy nature films and docs (Planet Earth).

Music is an important aspect of life for me, I'm an intermediate piano player and natural drummer. I enjoy listening to video game music, Studio Ghibli, and calm Japanese music at my office to help me focus and relax. When I want to listen to something else, I choose Hip Hop, R&B;, Rock, Pop, and sometimes even heavier music!

When I visited Japan, I really enjoyed going to Izakaya with friends... The food is so enjoyable and oishii, plus the drinks are excellent too!

I love Japan and everything about it. Ever since I was a teenager!

Add me to LINE if you're interested in learning more about each other.

There's lots more to learn!

ID: ryanlp1

yuka (24) Female
My name is Yuka.
I'm 24 years old and I'm a Japanese girl.
I live in Kyoto, Japan.

I like to take pictures.

I want to make friends with a lot of people.

LINE ID move..24

I have a facebook too.

Maiko (37) Female
miu (25) Female


Summer is coming to Japan🌞🏄🍉🍑

I'd like to make friends in the world.
who love Japan then have a common hobbies or interests:)

I like organic healthy foods.
I love music.Almost famous American music.

I want to sing duet with someone.
over and over again⠒̫⃝ If you're good singer please tell me!😆
Let's sing together!I'm singing in the rain(ӧ)?`♬


Rei (34) Male
Hi there!
Thank you for reading my post.

I am a Japanase Man living and working in Tokyo.
I lived in the US for 2yrs so I can communicate with you both in English and Japanese(a little bit Korean).

I really love to travel around and meet people who have differnet cultural background, language etc. So I always welcome you as long as you are interested in our culture or looking for friends in foreign countries.

No matter what your nationality/religious is, please feel free to drop me a line.

My favorite countries are;
Ukraine, Belarus, Czech, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Estnia, Finland, Greece, Turkey, S. Korea and more!!

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
With regards, and have a nice day!!

Artur (21) Male
I'm looking for someone ( especially japanese, korean people ) to talk.
I'm university student from Poland, and I can teach you english a bit if you want.
My interests are Japan , Korean culture, music (especially metal , j-rock) , Light novels, japanese language also for now I'm trying to learn it c:
I can talk about anything
I have LINE , kakao , facebook
So~~~see ya
Hiimfukah (18) Female
Hi. I'm a 18 year old girl from Japan. I'm a university student in Japan. I'm looking for new friends from all over the world. I'd be glad if you could teach me about your country:) And I can help you improve your Japanese if you want! Just ask me!
Also I want long term friendships!
My hobbies are to watch movies, listening to music( I listen to all kinds of song except rock and classic music ) go shopping, hang out with friends, play basketball, and travel( I really want to go on an adventure!! )
If you have something in common, let's talk about it with me:)
Feel free to talk to me. I'm waiting for your message!
I have LINE and Skype.
Have a good day:D
arsene (32) Male
Hina! (19) Female

My name is Hina!

I'm University student and 19 years old.
I study English and Spanish.

Let's become friend :?j
Thanks for reading !!!

Driss (35) Male

My name is Driss and I am 35 years old and I live in Paris, in France.

I travelled all over Japan last year, during 1 month: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Koyasan, Fukuoka, Beppu, Hiroshima?c

I keep amazing memories of my staying in Japan. I met wonderful people.

I like mangas, japanimation, japanese culture and of course japanese cuisine ;-)

I started taking Japanese lessons I hope to put into practice when I return to Japan next summer for one month.

I am coming back in Japon next summer for 1 month and I am looking for friends.

I didn?ft plan my itinerary yet but for sure, and I will meet all my Japanese friends !

I hope you'll be one of them!

I look forward to hearing from you !

Best Regards,

JUN (43) Male
I would like to share your cultures, foods, Rock and Roll, and so on. I am glad if you are interested in Japan and Japanese and that you are sincere. I also look for a member who I form a band for pops or hard, because I play an electric guitar.
My character is positive,rational.
My hobbies are to play an electric guitar, to read a book, to listen to music such as a kind of hard, to cook at times. Ahaha...

Wataru (20) Male
Hello. My name is Wataru. I'm 20 years old And Japanese. You can call me 'Wataru' or 'Kou'. I'm studying English and international culture in my university. I live in Kyoto in Japan, its traditional city in Japan. If you come here, you can feel old Japan.

My hobbies are drinking, talking, taking picture and traveling.
I said before I'm studying English cuz I wanna get a good job in Japan. So I think I need to study more and find what kind person I am. If you can, I wanna talk with you in English. And if you want, I can teach you Japanese:-) When we talk, we can share our culture!! Especially I wanna know European countries cuz I wanna go there!

Thank you, I'll wait for your mail(*^^*)
Guava Colada (45) Male
I would appreciate finding new correspondents who can teach me about the single life in Japan/Asia, especially urban life. I am a single myself. Other interest in Japan include temples, historical sites, national parks.
Lately I have become interested in political parties of Japan, in particular the Happiness Realization Party.

It is wonderful learning new things and I hope many information can be exchanged across numerous subjects.
Hiroki (22) Male

I'm Hiroki. I'm student of university in Tokyo.

I want to talk with other countries people, so I'm looking for friends like you!

I can't speak English so well.

But I like Anime, Game, Karaoke, Travel and Eating, so I want to practice English by talking about each hobby.

Of course, you can practice Japanese if you want to.

If you're interested in me, please send me message by LINE.

My ID is "mikan2nd".

I don't check this website, so please use LINE.

I'm looking forward your message!!
Tony (20) Male
Hello, my name is Tony. I am interested in any country and its cultures so please teach me more about yours. If you need help with English, I don't mind helping you! I can also understand a bit of Japanese.
Maybe you can teach me a little of your language.

I can probably find something interesting in any hobbies so please tell me about yours. I also like playing basketball and soccer(as well as watching). I enjoy listening to classical and rock music but like in hobbies, I can probably find something I enjoy in any type of music.

I can get LINE, Kik, or any other social media so don't be afraid to ask.
Nick-kun (29) Male
Hi there,

I am new to this site ,looking for a long term friendship.I have been trying to learn Japanese language but its been hard for me .Specially I can?ft practice .So I am looking for friends here, who willing help me to learn & practice Japanese with me.

I love your culture & food very much .I think Japanese food is one of the healthiest food in the world & I am so much fond of it .

I am looking for fun and interesting person to talk or chat with about daily life .If my ad fits your interests, please contact me any time here .I will be more than happy to read your message. Of course, i will respond you as well.

I hope to hear from you soon .If you need help with your English or want to know anything about Canada, I will love to help you .I use Line & Skype. I don't care about look, color or age .


Yuto (27) Male
Hello there.

I'm here for finding a friend who stays or lives in Japan. I want to hang out with the friend if it's possible. Maybe having a cup of tea or beer! And talk!!
I'm really glad to help you if you're a Japanese learner.

Now I'm talking about myself here?_(^o^)?^
I'm a Japanese man living in Tokyo. I'm 27 years old.
I'm a full worker and work in kind of museum.
I spend my pastime reading novels,working out at the gym,watching anime,sometimes playing app on my phone,running,watching abroad series(like Desperate housewives,The Walking Dead etc) drinking a beer.
About 2 years ago,I studied English in England for a year.
During that time I traveled a lot of cities in Europe(Italy,France,Spain of course also in England)I also enjoy traveling!!

I'm look forward to your message.
Thank you for your time to read.


Chase (23) Female


My name is Chase and I live in Australia. I'm looking for a penpal from Japan, preferably female.

I would be happy to help with your English and I know basic conversational German and limited Japanese. I'm very interested in learning more Japanese but will probably be very slow at first.

I have been to Japan twice before and would love to have someone to talk about culture and travel with as I plan to visit again in a year or two.

I am very interested in nature, hiking, sewing and trying new foods.

I have LINE but would prefer to use Skype.

If it sounds like we could be friends, get in contact with me!

Miki (24) Female
Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm looking for friends who live in Ireland because I may live in Ireland for 1~3 years from 2017.
I'm planned to go there with my husband who will be a university student.
I don't decide yet what I will do in the country.. maybe in a school or work? I don't know yet! Anyway, I wanna make friends :D. (especially women friends around my age)

I have a LINE, FB
I'm waiting for your reply~!
kanako (26) Female

My name is Kanako. I'm a 26-year-old female with one child.I'm interested in overseas cultures. I also want to improve my English.
I'm looking for female pen pals from any country in the world, preferably around 25-35 years old.
I have LINE ID.
Please give me a message, if you don't care my poor English.
I'm really waiting for your reply.
Take care:)
ブリアナ (24) Female



Koki (23) Male

My name is Koki. I am 23 years old and male. I like studying languages and cultures. I want to know country's cultures. I want to make friends! I'm searching for friends talking each other. If you want learn Japanese, I am happy to teach you. I can write Japanese and English. .Please contact me!

Thank you!

Lika (25) Female
Hello, Nice to meet you.
I'm Lika. 25 years old.
I'm living in Japan.
I'm looking for friends.
Recently I started studying English.
So My English is so bad.
And I want to improve my English.
Please correct me if I make a mistake in any of my sentences.
Would you like to teach me English?
I'll teach you Japanese.
And I want to talk English and Japanese.
I hope have long time friendship.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for a reading!

tet (24) Male
i People! Im 24 male from Japan and currently live in London for my study.

Love any kind of arts and music, books and reading comics.

Basically, I like meet and chat with new people coz I believe thats one of most valuable experience.
Also love cooking and go to restaurant and try some local stuff at every countries.

But Im studying music business so also love to go to gig and shows around the world. so we'll talk about music as as well?
May be i can help your Japanese too?

anyway Im looking for new pen friends in UK but I'm also love to chat with anybody so if you are interested give me a message !

Also if you have Line or Skype i can reply you faster !
I hope to hear from you soon))
Rudi Henning (55) Male
Umetaro (23) Female

Bonjour ! Hi !

i'm looking for a language exchange fellow,
who's easy to talk and not interested in a relationship at all !

people around me tells that i'm funny, and i think it's kinda true ! haha

bye bye ! hope to see you awesome soon ; )
Daniel (22) Male
I'm Daniel from Colombia (It is in South America so my native language is spanish!), I'm 22, I study an engineering. I know english well... And I study Japanese by myself ^^
I also love new and old music like: J-pop, K-pop, Rock, Pop, etc.. I like many genres...
I like manga, anime, karaoke too (even though here there are none), movies, doramas (American and Japanese) and hangin' out too, I also like to watch football (Soccer), WWE... (And other sports sometimes, like the Olympics) I love japanese culture and pop culture :P

my LINE ID is: danieru13

Tomoko Sato (67) Female
Francisco (18) Male
hii .. watashi wa francisco desu .. onegaii .. i from peru .. i have 18 years old .. i'm here cuz i want make friends .. i have any plans to go japan in 3 years .. i speak spanish and english).. i'm studing japanese my dream is live and work in your country .. i like very much ! i'm musician too i play a lot instruments i have my rock band :) .. if you want we can talk and maybe we can be friends .. i'm very shy but would a honor talk with a japanese :) ... my Line is frankout18 .. mata ne !!! :)
JF (53) Female
I already have several nice penfriends (20s-50s,), but I would like to find one or two new penfriends.

If you are interested in Japan (Japanese language and/or Japanese culture and/or Japanese people), and you are a person who is open-minded, thoughtful and curious, please drop me a line.
( As I have ever visited Europe many times, and I like comparing Europe and Japan, then European or people living in Europe is more welcome.)

A little about me-
My hobbies/interests are reading, music, arts/crafts, history (Especially European history), human nature, technology (To say the truth, I am a bit analog type), global politics.

When you write me, please let me know your briefly profile, and if you are learning Japanese. Please let me know your most favorite Kanji, too.

SKGM (28) Male
Hi everyone,
I would like to talk foreigners through this website. I love to travel. When I was student, I visited many counties as backpacker. However, I do not have enough time to travel at the moment. So I would like to talk culture and personal things.

Chiaki (20) Female

I'm Chiaki or you can call me Jackie.

I was studying in California for a while, and I'm in Japan now.
I love to learn English, Spanish, and French ( plan to learn German too!)

I want to have friends who talk with me about hobbies, language, culture, history, Japan...
I'm happy to listen to your story!

If you like Studio Ghibli, we might be a good friend;)

Please feel free to text me anytime & anyone!

Thank you :).
Hikaru (25) Male
Hello world ( ?L ?、 ` )ノ
I'm interested in foreign culture
And I want friends from foreign countries

I like soccer/anime/cooking/fashion/cafe
Would you talk with me if you are all right ?�

I can teach you Japanese language and culture
Thank you for reading
I'm waiting for you message (?EД?E)ノ
Spencer (30) Male
こんにちは!! I am Spencer (スペンサ?[) 30 years old from シンガポ?[ル. I'm staying in Singapore now. I had been to Japan three times. I had been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya, Nara, Shizuoka, Nagano, Matsumoto, Kiso, Miyako-jima and Naha.

End December 2013 i had been to Sapporo, Otaru, Niseko and Hakodate.
I love Hokkaido cover with snows everywhere. It was so beautiful!

I love music, travelling and cars. I will hang out at cafe or bar with my friends.
I'm interested in Japan and love traveling to Japan and explore every places in Japan. ^^
I love Japanese music too. I had watch X Japan and B'z concert in Japan.
I also listen to Glay, Remioromen, Mr.Children.......

I'm able to speak little Japanese. I hope i can find a long-term, fun-loving, interesting good japanese friends to exchange language and hang out when i am in Japan.
I don't care which part of Japan you from.

I can teach you english if you want.

My email address is
My skype / Kakao / Line: mem0ry27
please add me :)

Hope to hear from you soon
Jake (23) Male

Im Jake, I have been living and working in Nagoya for over 2 years.

Looking for some friends to speak Japanese and English with casually, I am not an english teacher but I'm happy to make friends and gradually help your english skill!

Happy to hear from you !

Takeru (27) Male

Hello. こんにちは

My new years resolution is to make lots of friends from diffrent nationatities lol so i'd be happy if i get to know many people.

i used to work at Disneyland and i'm a big fan of Disney. i also like Japanese idol groups like hello project‼ i'm not a nerd tough lol

i have a shy personality but at the same time i'm an open-minded person, so please feel free to send me a message. i have LINE, messenger, and FB accounts. Looking forward to talking to many people.
p.s i dont care about your gender, nationality or something.

こんにちは?Iディズニ?[?A東南アジア?A?Hべ歩きが?Dきです?ホ 日本?lの方でも趣味が?№「そうな方いましたら?・非よろしくお願いします(^O^)

Thank you.
satoshi (35) Male
hi friends:)
i'm working at a supermarket in Katsushika-ku Tokyo.
thins i like are,,
michael jackson,J.O.Waldner,2pac,Jesus
rap music,and movies.
i like to have many friends all over the world
who has interests in japanese culture.
please drop me a line with ease.
Krystal (17) Female
My name is Krystal. I am 17 years old and I am looking for a friend to help me with my Japanese (in my second quarter of Japanese class). I can help with English! :D
Any age/gender.

こんにちは. クリスタル です. わたし わ ?\七さい です. ともだち に したい です. いま, にほんご を まなびます. わたし は あなた に えいご を おしえる ことが できます.
gama (18) Female

I'm looking for new friends who help me study English.
(female,around my ages hopefully and any countries)
If you're studying Japanese,I will help you.
I want to know various cultures and living around the world.

I like studio GHIBLI's movies.
Especially "コクリコ?竄ゥら"
I also like nature,reading books and so on.
I played the viola for two years.
Gama is the name of the viola I was playing.

If you contact me,please send me a message.
I'm sorry for my poor English.Thank you!

Naoki (26) Male
Hi ! Nice to meet you!My name is Naoki. I am male and 26 years right now and livining and born in Tokyo,Japan.
I am looking for female friends.
I really would like to make friends!
My interests are listening to music,reading,doing sports,cooking and so on.
Because,my English is very poor.

And, if you are interested in Japanse,I can teach you Japanese.(^_^)

I am waiting from your messege.

Please,send me a messege!

My email is

LINE is moonlightwps5
Skype is naoki_hohya1987

Please add me!^_^

Thaks a lot for reading.

akilin (26) Female
Konnichiwa, how are you? :)
I'm 26 years old Japanese female.
I moved in America recently.
I am looking for new friends (around my age hopefully) from especially America, UK, France, and Greece. ^^
If you are trying to improve your Japanese, I'd like to help you :)

I like history, playing sports, reading...

I have LINE, and Skype to chat.
Thank you very much for reading, I'm looking forward to hearing from you :D
Sean (23) Male



Sins (41) Male
Bonjour !

I am a 41 y.o. man living in France.
I have travelled several times in Japan and also stayed Tokyo for 3 months 2 years ago. It was one of my best whole life memory !
Of course I was speaking a very little of Japanese language at this time but now I have forgot everything, I am so sorry ! So I could only write in English or French now...
My current occupation is craftsman (but I am only a beginner ^^), and I am interested about washi paper making and kirigami as I have started making lamps from natural paper made from leaves just 2 months ago.
If you are interested about handmade paper, lamp art-crafts and about France of course :o), you are welcome to get in touch with me !

See you soon,

Seabiscuit (49) Female
Hello! I?fm a happily married Japanese woman living in the US. I?fd like to find a few new penpals. You can be any gender/nationality, single or married, but I ask that you be near my age(45 to 55), have similar interests to mine, and be proficient in English. It?fs also important to me that you?fre neither religious nor conservative and not a racist. I enjoy reading detective novels, cooking/baking, sewing, gardening, traveling, opera, fine-dining, etc. I love animals, so I?fd like to be friends with fellow animal lovers. I tend to write long conversational e-mails, so it?fs preferable if you?fre also fond of writing and are able to write as if talking to a good old friend over a cuppa. I don?ft care for cultural/language exchange-based correspondence and also don?ft care for online chat and social networking sites. Please know that all communication must be in English and by e-mails only, though I?fm OK exchanging occasional cards and letters.

I placed quite a few ?gconditions,?h but it?fs because I only seek people who are compatible to me with similar mindset. My goal is to find long-term friends and not someone who disappears after two e-mails or writes only two lines. So only reply if you?fre also serious about meaningful and long-lasting friendship as I am, and not because you vaguely want a penpal. And please don?ft forget to tell me some basic things about you, such as your name, age, nationality, occupation, hobbies, etc.

I hope to hear from someone soon!
Nina (16) Female
Hello, I'm Nina and I'm 16 years old. I am at the high school in the North of France.
I'm here to found friends who I'll be able to talk with of everything and who can help me with japanese (I also can help with French!).
It has been not much time since I learn Japanese by my own ways, at my home. So, I speak and write not still well Japanese. I manage to read it by untangling me. I speak french too and quite well english.
And I shall like having Japanese friends for ease and enriching my learning. I shall like very much discovering the Japanese culture and many things relative to Japan. I really have the will to master Japanese and to visit it soon!
I'm interresting in art, films, music,... I have Facebook, Skype and Gmail. Send me a message if you want to take contact.
See you soon ! ^_^
Manfred?@ (28) Male


Romain (22) Male



Mami (26) Female

I'm Mami and 26 years old.
My work is Medical coding. I study English. Because I will going to travel in abroad.
But my English isn't good. So I would like to language exchange.
I can teach you Japanese.

My hobby are watch baseball game,movie, shopping,cats?cetc
I have 2 cats. They are very cute.(^^)

I would like to become friend with you!!

O.sashimi (20) Male
Hi. I'm a Japanese student.

I want to know your foreign culture and
I want you to know and enjoy
Japanese culture, thinking and travel.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Mason (18) Male

Hello japan! I am 18 and searching for japanese friends that are willing to talk on a regular basis. I will happily help your English and cultural understanding:) i want to travel to japan and possibly live there. If your English is poor thats okay, you have to start somewhere right? I will reply to any age or gender as im not too bothered about it :) Thank you, さよならと話をしてください:)
John (22) Male
Hi, my name is John.
I'm 22 years old.
I'm a college student my major is Japanese and Education. I'm studying to be a high school or middle school teacher, and I hope to teach English in Japan someday. I can speak French, German, and studying Korean.
I really love the martial arts; I have been practicing for 14 years. I also really love to travel, eat new foods, meet new people, and making new friends. I really enjoy cooking too.
I can help anyone with English!
I have LINE, Facebook, and Twitter.
Julia (16) Female
Hi! I'm Julia, I'm 16

I want to have a friend from another country, whom I can talk about everythink, about our country, tradition, fashion and everythink that is interesting
So if you want, just write to me
My LINE is: -yurya-
My Snapchat: yurya0
Raindancer (34) Male
Hey all!

I?fm 34 years old man from Finland. I?fve been staying in Asia for many years but now came back to Finland for some time.

I?fm looking forward to traveling in Europe for the coming years, still uncertain where I finally want to stay later on. I love to travel, I feel most happy when I?fm on the way from one place to the next. I could imagine living in an RV / Motorhome would be just fine for me if I can travel around and see new places, meet new people and enjoy life that way.

I work online, so I can stay anywhere if it?fs not too expensive. I just need internet to be able to work, sometimes I need to stay online a lot but at times I got many weeks of free time.

I?fd like to visit and stay in Japan for some time as well. I?fve been there four times now and would love to visit again and maybe stay bit longer.

Feel free to message me if you enjoy traveling, learning about other cultures and just maybe want to have a chat without a worry.
What kind of dreams you have for future? Why not make them happen now?

Would be nice to hear from you!
Echo (38) Male

I'm looking for friends who like 80s/90s indie/alternative music from the UK. I can speak some Japanese and used to live in Japan.

yoroshiku onegai shimasu

Justice Hamilton (20) Male
Hello, my name is Justice. I am double majoring in International Studies and Japanese. I am going to Doshisha University on March 16, and I would like to make friends through language exchange.

Music: J-rock, J-pop, j-metal, J-trap,(Babymetal)
Anime: K-on, etc...
Movies: horror, action, etc...
Sports: Basketball and Football

I want to improve my Japanese as well as help teach English.
Lets become friends and learn together!

Line: Jhamil57
Dam (32) Male
Hello, I am coming from Slovenia(Europe). I'd like to make some long-term good friends from Japan, because I am interested in Japan and Japanese culture very much. I can speak German and English. Have a nice day.
calum buchanan (22) Male
hi my name is calum Buchanan I'm very interested learning how to read or speak Japanese i have an interest in Japan for a long time my hobbies include watching anime and reading manga another reason why i want to lean how to speak or read Japanese is because i have always wanted to know a second language i'm will to a there person who helps me on Skype or Facebook if need
Max (30) Male





William (26) Male
Hello everyone!, my name is William and I'm from Mexico and I would like to know people around the world especially from Japan, I can speak English and Spanish, I hope we can talk about many things!
¡Hola a todos!, mi nombre es William y soy de México y me gustaría conocer a gente de todo el mundo especialmente de Japón, puedo hablar Inglés y Español, ¡espero que podamos hablar de muchas cosas!
Line ID: 0312040290
Namir (18) Female
Hello! Salut! Konnichi wa! Hola! Hallo! What's up, bruh?

My name is Namir and I'm 18 years old. :D

I really love languages, culture, and learning about different countries!
I play guitar, piano, bass, puerto rican cuatro, ocarina, harmonica, and mandolin. I do sports.
I love Disney princesses.( Princess Jasmine being my favorite) and I also love The Legend of Zelda. I love music, cosplay, photography, being creative, video games, anime, books, making videos on Youtube, and more.

Don't be scared to talk to me, for real. I am very very social ^.^

I speak Spanish, English, and a bit of French. I am studying Danish and Japanese, but I also want to learn Arabic andf other languages. I'm obsessed haha.

I have Line, Instagram, Tumblr, Kik, and other social media.

It doesn't matter where you are from, everyone is welcome ♥
Send me a message if you are interested ;)

Ally (30) Male

I am coming to Tokyo in mid-February and hope I can make some new friends on my travels.

I cannot speak Japanese but I hope there are some friendly people I can help improve on their English and who may be interested in Scotland or the UK.

I enjoy travel, watching movies, walking, watching football and chatting.

Please send me a message if you'd like to be friends.

Arigatou !

sakura (31) Female

i am 31 years old japanese female who lives in germany.

i love to make long term femal friends from the uk.

i live in germany now as my husband is german.

when i was uni student i had stayed in york for a one year and i love the country so much. i love literature from your country so much.

i want us to be good friends who can talk about almost everythings! and at the same time,
i wish to improve my english.

i will teach english to japanese small chlidren in my near future. i need to relearn english for that.
so if you can motivate me to learn english, i am more than happy.

i also teach japanese to german and i love it. so if you wish to learn japanese from me, i will do my best to help you!

i wish to talk with you with voice.
i had some penpals before but we could not last long.
i think, it is better that we talk wirh voice. by this we feel close and we can build bettet friendships.

so...let's talk by skype!!

i am waiting for your message.
Moro (25) Female
Olen pääkaupunkiseudulla asuva nainen ja olen etsimässä uutta ystävää! Minulla on jo onneksi kivoja ystäviä, tosin uusi ystävä on aina tervetullut ja kaipaan uutta ystävää :D Etenkin odotan naispuolista ystävää innolla!

Tota, lyhesti esiteltynä jostain syystä muutin ja tulin aloittamaan uutta elämää länsimaalle ja olen sattunut asumaan Suomessa. Minä vaihdan heti kansalaisuuteni Japanista Suomeen tän vuoden syksynä. Eli olen pysvästi Suomessa oleva aivan tavallinen asukas kuten te.

Ystävien mukaan kuulemma olen luonteeltani hilpeä persoona :D

Kyllä osaanpas suomea, joten voidaan kommunikoida suomenkielellä :-D Minulta löytyy gmail ja kunnon tutustumisen jälkeen yhteys löytyy facebookista sekä WhatsAppista tai sitten toki voidaan kohdata jossain vaiheessa kasvotusten!

Mun kiinnostuksen kohteet ovat lähinnä Musa, leffa, valokuvaaminen, sauna, jättilaiskäärmeet, Australia, Paris juhla& riehuminen ystävien kera, matka länsimaissa, piirtäminen, anime, manga, kuntoilu, muoti, shoppailu, suloisia vaatteita, juttuja, huonekasvi, kodinsisustus, kummitus juttu...jne! Entä sinä?

No, joka tapauksessa jos joku on kiinnostunut tästä mainoksesta pistä viestiä minulle ja tutustutaan toisilleen ensin kirjoittamalla erilaisia seikkoja ;)
Ryota (22) Male

Hi! Nice to meet u!!!

Im Ryota who is 22 yrs old. I like to watch movies, sing a song, cook, sports, fashion and so on.

I have line and skype.

Im waiting for ur reply!!!!!!!!

Rita Gonçalves (19) Female
Hi, my name's Rita and I'm from Portugal (just think Cristiano Ronaldo).
I'm a student of asian studies and I I'm looking for internet friends to chat with.
You can either email me or add me on instagram (@ritz_chan), twitter (@RRitaG) or snapchat (@rritag)

I'm a tv series fan, I've seen pretty much everything with fantasy in it (from The vampire diaries to charmed), and I'm into fandoms.
I'm a harry potter nerd also, so you can't always email me to discuss how Hermione should have ended with Draco.
I'm also a fanfiction writter, which is why my english is so good and if you need to practice you can count on me.

Line ID: rritag
Hope to hear from you ;)

Takuma (18) Male
hi I'm Takuma
I'm 18 yo and male

my hobby is workout(weight stuff).
I have other hobbies too though.
I really like car and EDM(music genre).
and I like anime/manga too.

if you wanna talk about these things lets talk!

seriously... I wanna practice English with someone.
so if you wanna study Japanese seriously
I would like to help you.

I have Skype,LINE and e-mail.
please send me message if you want.
ARITOMO (32) Male
My name is ARITOMO,but my nickname is Seasar.
Call me Seasar,please.

My hobby's Music. I most like is Reggae Music?I?I
Am doing the Reggae DJ.
Everyyear I go to Jamaica.
So even a little bit you want to improve your English.

I'll take you when you come to Kyoto.
MIKI (21) Female

I am MIKI 21 years old.
I am a college student now.
And I study for my dream.
I wanna be a English teacher.

I want foreign friends.
I love movies of MARVEL and star wars.
I have an account of "LINE".
Plz be my friend♡♡♡


Haruka (21) Female

Satoshi (34) Male
Hi. My name is Satoshi.
I am studying English.
I cannot speak English too much.
So I'm looking for a friend to be able to pen pal in English.
Cynn (22) Female
Hello there!
I am Cyn from Indonesia~. I spent my last 4 years in Singapore and still going back and forth for my studies and work :). I am shy 22 years old and I really love autumn scenery. I enjoy instrumental musics, movies, postcrossing, food, and good design!

I am learning Japanese and basic German right now and I am super interested with Japanese culture and would be great if I can exchange language and culture with Japan :)

I am looking for a email exchange or penpal (snail mail eventually when we already trust each other!)

(I dont mind the gender, as long as we are in the same age range ^-^)

I have skype, and line!

Do message me if you are interested~
Thak you! ^^/

わたしのなまえは Cynn デス
RDSL (24) Male
Hello there!
I come here looking for a penpal and/or chat friend. I have so much free time nowadays, so it's possible for me to reply your messages daily.

If you :
- like to have a conversation in english

- just need someone to talk to because you are bored or lonely

- just want to share your hobby or talk on daily basis

- you just want to rant over your problem because nobody would listen to you.

-want to know something about my country, Indonesia
feel free to send me a message or two :D

If you like whats on my interest list, we can talk about those topic too :
-Society, pretty fun topic if you like to watch your surrounding.

-Soccer, one of the best team sport for most people in the world, enough said.

-Internet, almost everybody using it and there is alot to talk about internet.

Oh yeah, no romance. why? not because i don't want to.. but because i'm not good looking, your will not be pleased if you see my face lol

I welcome peoples ARROUND MY AGES (18 to 28) of any NATIONALITY, RELIGION and GENDER. I want to meet people from all over the world.

we can communicate using LINE, EMAIL, and TWITTER.
Don't be affraid and send me a message here, if you are interested ask for my LINE id or email or twitter and we can start have a chat today, right away, no need for wait!

Thank You for reading and Have a Nice Day!
Morgane (21) Female
Hi there!
My name's Morgane, I'm a 21 years old french girl.
I've been graduated from business school few months ago. Now I work as a saleswoman.
I hope one day i'll work overseas. :)

I love music!! ♫?�
I play the guitar and the bass for about 7 years. And I began to learn how to play drums 2 years ago.
I like listening to rock , metal music but I enjoy every kinds of music! What's your favourite band?? ;D

I'd like to speak to everybody in the whole world. I like to discover new cultures and all those stuffs ;)
I can speak english and I learn japanese by myself.
I learnt German at school too but didn't speak it since a long time. (I hope i can still manage it ^^)

And if you'd like to exchange letters, I'd be so glad.
Because it's always fun to receive a letter from an other country, and I love sending gifts :)

Well, don't be afraid to send me a message!

あなたは私を教えたいですか?Hおねがいします?B :D
Misa (29) Female
Hello whoever is reading this ad!
Thanks you for your time and interest :)
I posted another ad a while back but it was too vague so I decided to reposted this one.

My name is Misa and currently living in Japan. I stayed in America for a couple of years to study psychology/counseling.

I'm looking for someone who wants to be friend with me and talk about stuff that we're interested in- I'm not very good at talking about daily stuff like "what did you do on the weekend?" and stuff...I don't know why :/ I'm more into talking about some topics on the internet or something we have in common.

One last thing is that it would be nice if you're over 25 since I can't really related to school life anymore haha (call me old; I don't care lol) but please feel free to contact me if you'd like! (I won't bite you lol)
Allen (23) Male
よろしくお願いします :)

Hello everyone!
My name is Allen and I am half Japanese.
I currently live near Nagoya as an English teacher.
I can help you with English.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Miyuki (51) Female
Single Japanese woman who loves animals and lives a cat seeks friends preferably around the same age,women or men.
Write in Japanese or English, either one is fine with me.

Just hoping my age won't scare you away.....
hide (25) Male
Nice to meet you!
I'm Hideyoshi.
The occupation acts in dentists now in Tokyo.
The hobby is a movie, music.
I am glad when I can talk in Japanese little by little because English is not so proud.
Thank you.

Hiro (38) Male
Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm Hiro from Hakuba Nagano JAPAN. I used to lived in Canada and Aus when i was a student. so, i want to make friends all of the world. and i want to keep my english skilles. and, i'm studing spanish and Rosian too. i can help you to lean your japanese. please teach me english,spanish and Rosian .and exchange culture of your country. if we will be friends,Let's hung out n go to drinking !!
and, i like go skiing , snowboarding and diving, travel all of the world. shopping, music, go to hiking,reading manga,J-pop.and more! feel free talk with me!!
i have skype,line and mail.
クリス (27) Male


Hello everyone,

My name is Chris. I am a 4th year university student. I study Japanese.
I am looking for friends or language exchange partners. I can teach English.
Age and sex does not matter.
My hobbies are movies, games, and drinking.
I have both Line and Skype.
Skype: christoff889
Line: christoff88
Pleased to meet you.
Mike (29) Male
Hello, everyone
First of my name is Michael you can call me Mike I'm a 29 years old. I'm currently working as a nurse right now. I have various interest from computers to cars or any topic you can think of, chances are i might now a little about it. Anyways message if your interested to getting to know me more or if you are going to visit around my area. you can e-mail me or Skype me and get to know each other via webcam before meeting in person. My Japanese is very limited so if you want to be friends or practice your English I'm your man.

Take care and looking forward to here from you
cowhey (34) Male
Sashimi (20) Female

Hello :) I am Sashimi from Japan.
I am currently a student here in California.
I decided to make the ad because I simply want friends ahahaha. I can teach you Japanese If you would like :)

Feel free to message me!
Shun (25) Male
Hellow. My name is Shun. I am 25 yearse old.
I live Hokkido in Japan.
I like to read comic and sports.
My favorite comic is Naruto.
I want to penpal.
I teach Japanese.
I would like to e-mail exchange.
KEISUKE (25) Male




Nice to meet you.

I'm 25 years old. I was going to the postgraduate in Japan. I learned machine engineering at graduate school.
After I graduated that graduate school , I became a member of society.
My hobby is traveling and playing sports.
I cannot speak English at all, but one day I want speaking English fluently.

I want to speak through English and Japanese.
I hope to hear from you,

TATSUYA (18) Male
hi! my name is tatsuya!
from tokyo japan 🇯🇵🗼
im 18years old✌180cm
I like a #European and #American 🇺🇸and #Rossian🇷🇺! and france🇫🇷 #Latina
i like #bmx🚲 and #movie 🎥 and music snowboarding
I go to the United States and Canada in December of the next year🇺🇸
Favorite Artists #victoriajustice #xzibit
nice to meet you!
we can meet in tokyo?I
my english is bad... please teach me english
i have line Twitter skype instgram wechat whatapp Facebook snapchat
line 1003321555
Twitter a7x_tatsuya
instgram TATSUYA003
skype ti_10031
ps4 HIPHOP003
kakao 10033215551
snapchat tatsuya0031
Hi (38) Male

I'm looking for foreigners friends who can meet me in person and hang out in or around Tokyo.

We can help and learn about each others languages and cultures, and maybe I can show you something interesting in Tokyo.

I love Onsen and I want to find someone for my trip mate to go to Onsen with.

You could practice your Japanese, too, if you like.

Any level of Japanese speaking is fine.

Thanks for reading!
Jessy (19) Female
Hi there!

I'm from Singapore & I'm looking for friends that I can converse in Japanese as I am going to be taking up Japanese lessons soon :)

I love Horoscopes, I don't watch TV but I love movies. I love Japanese culture. I am interested in other countries' culture, I mean it's always exciting to know more things :)

I am looking for long-term friendship and I would appreciate if you could be patient with me as I only know English and Mandarin, don't worry I will brush up my Japanese when I start taking up lessons

I hope that we can be good friends, do message me! :)
kou (25) Male
Hello! nice to meet you and how doing!
My name is Kou. and I'm Japanese.

I studying English by self-study. I think my English are not good. but doing my best day by day.
I wanna exchange of letters and language...

ops I'm sorry, I had not still told about my profile.
I playing video games. Skyrim,POKEMON.
I have interest to World history. Especially Maya civilization, Aztec, Inca. so I gonna study Spanish too.
I love liquor haha.
if you wanna know to Japanese cultures,I will try teach you, but I don't have to much knowledge.
If you interested in me, please message to me. I waiting you.

thank you so much for watch my profile.